Step by Step manual of how to grow crystal

Step 1: Find room or location that is dry and temperature remains relatively constant

  • Avoid window or open-air area. Crystal formed from water solution can be disappeared once contact with humid air

Step 2: Heat up some water. then poor boiling water into the plastic vessel using the water line market printed on the side of the box

  • Too much water or not enough water will cause crystal growth to fail

  • Do not boil water in kettle or aluminium pan

Step 3: Make sure to pure all the crystal powder into the growing vessels

Step 4: Quickly stir the stick until the powered is completely dissolved

  • Finish this step in 30 second.

  • Some tiny undissolved residue wont effect the outcome (in fact, it is the proof that your solution is supersaturated)

Step 5: Tightly cover the growing vessel with the lid. Let;s it rest in room temperature in at least 60 min

  • Make sure the temperature is cool down gradually. Wrap in towel to prevent a suddent drop in temperature

Step 6: Place the rock based into the growing vessel

  • Make sure the arched surface is pointing upward

[IMPORTANT STEP] Step 7: Slowly place the crystal seeds on the growing based. Try to put the crystal seeds on the central area of the base

  • Using stirring stick and find the position of the growing based

Step 8: Seal the lid tightly again. Do not remove or shake the growing vessel. Wait for small crystal to grow in 24 hours


Step 9: Remove the lid after one day and leave the crystal inside the solution for 5-10 days to ensure the biggest crystal size.

  • Keep the lid off the vessel so the water evaporates